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Arlo for Restaurants and Bars
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Arlo is a smart, modern take on video security for your restaurant or bar. Arlo provides a complete system of HD cameras, secure cloud storage and intuitive mobile apps to deliver a seamless experience for monitoring what matters most. Recordings are securely sent to the cloud for storage and easy access from your mobile device.

Every angle covered

  • From the Kitchen to the Bar you’ll have eyes everywhere, even when you aren’t.

Knock out fights & violence

  • Make your customers think twice before starting a confrontation or ‘taking it outside.’

Keep tabs on employees

  • Most people can be trusted. But Arlo never lies and lets you know if anyone who can’t be is working for you.

Take inventory of every order

  • See exactly what is delivered to your business during every shift.

Dark spaces and night places

  • From the dumpster in the alley to your equipment in loading dock, night vision on Arlo cameras makes monitoring difficult spots a snap.

The best night watchman

  • Use the Arlo app to check on things anytime after-hours without leaving the comfort of your couch.
Arlo for Restaurants and Bars

Why Choose Arlo?

Arlo understands small business. You may not have an IT team and a big budget, but that doesn't mean you can't protect your business like you mean it. Arlo makes it easy and affordable to keep your business secured around the clock.


100% Wire-Free
100% Wire-Free

Arlo Pro has no wires so you can place cameras anywhere you need them

Record Anytime, Anywhere

Arlo Pro is weather-resistant so you can record indoors and out all year long

Night Vision
Night Vision

See in total darkness - no external IR required

HD Quality
HD Quality

Enjoy sharp HD video with Arlo Pro

Mobile Alerts
Mobile Alerts

Monitor from any computer, mobile device with auto alerts

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Simple setup means you'llvbe secured in only a few minutes

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Download the Arlo For Restaurants Datasheet (PDF).